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Memories of Crystal - Physical Version

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Please read through the description carefully!


Digital Version: https://creatorsguild.gumroad.com/l/mcLuveR

The physical version will only be printed if a certain quota of pre-orders are met, as the initial cost for printing a multitude of books is far too high to cover out of our own pockets. We are unable to guarantee a physical version after placing a pre-order on it because of this, but it is our hope that the project can gain enough spread to let us meet the quota. This is where YOU and everyone else involved can play a crucial role and spread the word about the project. The goal is to print a total of 400 copies of the artbook (subject to change), with at least 370 being available for everyone to grab and the remaining 30 going to the development team (JP, US, EU). Any proceedings that would go above the target quota will simply go to giving the development team more artbooks. Should there be any other proceedings, they will go straight to the Cancer Research Institute. Minimum order is 300 books, so this is where we can guarantee a physical copy being sent out to everyone who ordered.

Under all circumstances will there ALWAYS be a digital version available for anyone who pays for the physical version.

The price for the physical artbook is $39 +shipping fee.

A digital version will be available as well and this will be sent out during the first week of September 2021, with all proceedings going to make sure that the goals below are met.

If we hit certain milestones, the following will be unlocked:

✅100 pre-orders or $6100: Guaranteed artbooks for the development team

✅300 pre-orders or $18300: Guaranteed soft cover version will be sent out to everyone who ordered + books for dev team

✅370 pre-orders or $22570: Guaranteed hard cover version will be sent out to everyone who ordered + books for dev team

This project is strictly non-profit and all proceedings will go to pay any bills related to the book first, and to send a batch of books to the development team.
Any proceedings made by the Digital Version will primarily go to funding the possibility to print the Physical Version. Any proceedings after this will go to Cancer Research Institute.


When the project is done, we will make a public post with all expenditures.




現時点では画集の印刷目標は400冊ですが、状況により数を変更する場合がございます。その中に、370冊分は一般発売用で、残り30冊分は贈り物として開発チーム(日本、北米、欧州チーム)に送ります。注文数は400冊を超えた場合、目標の達成を超えた収益は開発チーム分の追加印刷として支払うことになりますが、更に余る収益は「Cancer Research Institute」への寄付することになります。予約数は300冊から始めますので、達成した場合は紙書籍版が商品として注文したお客様にお届けられることは確定となります。ご了承ください。










Cancer Research Institute :https://www.cancerresearch.org/ (英語)

企画終了次第、@ffcreatorsguild のツイーターで総支出についてを発表いたします

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A physical version of the Memories of Crystal artbook

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Memories of Crystal - Physical Version

18 ratings